Hybrid costruction and timber projects

Hybrid building is becoming more and more common. Homes often consist of a load-bearing structure of traditional masonry in combination with a wooden roof structure. In this way, the client enjoys the advantages of each construction method. Verstraete.team makes the difference by offering different construction methods under one roof. As a client, you only need to work with one construction partner. 


Timber frame construction 

Timber frame construction is a fast and high-quality construction method, in which the supporting structure or skeleton of the building consists of wood. When building with timber frame construction, you opt for sustainability. 

Roof carpentry

From a restoration of a barn roof to complex roofs for a new construction project. With experience, knowledge and our own carpentry workshop, any roof shape is possible.


Massive construction

This masonry technique is mainly used today when building walls. 

concrete construction

Buildings with solid concrete walls, including prefab, are nowadays not only used within the industrial construction sector, but also for apartment/office construction. 


The unique combination of the two departments in one and the same company ensures a thorough knowledge of two very specific crafts. The advantages in terms of coordination are very large. This way we don't have to work together or coordinate with subcontractors. This allows Verstraete.team to stick to the schedule. In addition, we have excellent knowledge of materials in both areas. This makes the Verstraete team an excellent partner for your hybrid, wood and construction project. 

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