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Building experts

From project manager to craftsman, our expertise and craftsmanship is something to be proud of. With our West Flemish work ethic, we always achieve a quality result.

Hybrid cooperation construction-carpentry

The combination of two specific trades in one and the same company is unique. The wood and construction business units are so intertwined that can call itself the hybrid specialist par excellence in the makrt. The advantages in terms of planning and coordination are great, the lines of communication are unambiguous, and the level of finishing offers various possibilities.


At home in all markets, public and private, wood and construction, large and small, restoration, renovation, new construction and industrial building. Our own developments for decades. Building for centuries.

Smart deployment of equipment

Logistics, site equipment & transport are one of the central links in a construction company. At Verstraete.logistiek we focus on smart equipment deployment and service, supporting each project in the best possible way.

The core values of our team

Our high level of trust ensures ultimate commitment

View our guarantees Discover our business, a 5th generation, class 8 construction company with expertise in construction and carpentry

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